Welcome, Helel Bones

I’m handing over to Helel Bones for a new project. I grew Helel from my ribs and he’s now taken semi-human form. Helel is a vehicle for new and experimental work, not constrained or limited by the conventions of the traditional documentary photography I have previously adhered to; along with the journalistic principles and self-censorship that goes along with it. He doesn’t have to look at his subjects as objectively as possible. He is both the eye and the space around him. He’s a shape-shifting creature that is as happy shooting others as he is stepping into the light himself and interacting with other creatures within his frames. I’m sticking around for straight news and traditional documentary, but for everything else and for Lucifer & Lybid – Helel is now in charge…..


Thanks my dear Vincent, and hello everyone! I will be taking charge here for a while. I’m producing this new project called Lucifer & Lybid – a project Vincenzo simply couldn’t do without breaking his heart, his ego and his fancy principles and , so… thanks Vincent for this opportunity, but please remember, you can’t control me anymore.. I’ve got to put on my wings now and go to the graveyard, but I’ll update you with more details about Lucifer & Lybid real soon. H