Does “romance” reinforce gender inequality?

In Kyiv flowers are under every subway and on every street corner. Lovely you might think, but really what’s it actually about?

Is romance, at least between men and women in particular, often nothing more than a compensation for gender inequality?

Is much of what is considered romantic actually nothing more than men subconsciously feeling guilty about their fortuitous birthright of social and economic superiority and privilege over women?

Is there are an intrinsic link between the amount of flowers a man buys for his lady friend and how chauvinistic he is and how “traditional” their relationship is?

Many women on the other hand are socially and culturally conditioned to accept this in an unquestioning way. Feminists might argue this is obvious and factual and we should have moved beyond debate. Why not buy flowers for your male friend? Or hold a door open for a businessman? But anyway.
What do you think?

Published by Vincent Mundy

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