Wallace And The Return of Metempsychosis

We wake up on this unseasonably mild late January morning to some gentle drilling.. But wait. It’s actually our new acquaintance Wallace. He’s quite shy so I snuck out onto the balcony and there he was staring straight back. We exchanged pleasantries with Wallace complimenting me for my leopard print gown and I his red tufts and chiselled beak. And then gone in a flash. How he crawls up the tree almost like a squirrel! Goodness me, such a fine way to start the day.

The Great (and wonderful) Spotted Woodpecker pauses midway through his morning Tatarka sonata

And rare good news for Mother Earth. China has just banned their evil wildlife trade. Hopefully for good. Why does it have to take the mass death of humans to make them do it!

Published by Vincent Mundy

I'm a journalist, photographer and artist with a thirst for knowledge for the world around us. On this blog I create and share things which interest me: nature, the arts, philosophy, religion, politics and music.

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