Meeting with an Instagram addict

Like a beautifully designed Christian Church or Christian art, beautiful looking people are rarely attractive at all when you know what lurks beneath the ornamental surface. In the case of churches there is the evil that led to mass murder, persecution, the Inquisition, institutionalized pedophilia and the misogyny that led to the patriarchal church fathers labelling Jesus’s wife Mary of Magdalene a whore. With handsome men or pretty women we won’t find evil, they are just the victims of evil. So we must be compassionate, but their mental illness leads them to become highly materialistic, to suffer acute egomania and thus a profound lack of understanding of themselves or ability to have healthy relationships. Evil is a word appropriated by the so-called Christian Church to describe anything which threatens their rule. They labelled Simon Magus and Lucifer evil for bringing light and knowledge to the world for example; and so the church called them demonic and Satan was concocted with those silly horns. It is the church itself that is pure evil. Like Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin today, we should know that whatever they accuse others of, they are guilty of. It is a pernicious mix of projection and gaslighting . Evil is the Christian Church and evil are the forces which cause people to lose their way and become self-obsessed, shallow creatures. Victims of materialism and consumerism. Evil is to prevent a person understanding life and getting to know who they are. Evil at base is the motivation to cause separation. Evil fosters the cult of personality. Evil controls the greatest hypnosis machines of capitalism on this planet. That’s Hollywood, the meat and fashion industries and most evil of all today: Facebook and Instagram.

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