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I'm a photographer by trade with a thirst for knowledge for the world around us. I also like reading, writing and sharing what I create or collect across a range of subjects which interest me including the arts, philosophy, politics and the environment.

Open your Chakras

Sapta Chakra, from a Yoga manuscipt in Braj Bhasa lanaguage with 118 pages. 1899.

Thinking of Mr Bumble

Far away and long ago There lived a Mr. Bumble He did fancy little Miss Bee So they courted then agreed to marry On their wedding day The mantis prayed for their good fortune All the ladybirds did sing And the dragonfly did bring them silver The groom wore stripes of black The bride was dressed in blushing yellow And the butterfly ballet Was presented in full living colour So they were wed and the sun did shine And that evening they all did dine on pollen They’d been married for ten days I’m sure it was not twenty Life was full and life was gay They were blessed in everyday with plenty “Bumble dear,” said Mrs. Bee “There’s something I must tell you Soon you’ll hear a tiny buzz You’ll be father of a fuzzy baby” Eight days later all was quiet As the kingdom waited Katie did come round to say Bumble Bee has come today, be merry So he was born and the sun did shine And that evening they all did dine on pollen